America’s war on the Middle East

Bijay Gyawali/ While oil in the war-torn America has become the subject of economics, strategic agendas and prestige, for many Middle Eastern nations, it has also been a matter of misery for oil plants. The Middle East countries have often faced wars and devastation due to the political nature of the oil. The original intention of the US massacre was to take control of the huge oil mine there, and through Iraq, the United States is now eyeing Iran’s oilfields. While it is common for the United States to monopolize the massive oil mines located in other nations, it is common for the United States and millions of innocent civilians in the Middle East to suffer the consequences of America’s war.

   The United States, which has imposed sanctions on oilfields, has not only killed Saddam Hussein in Iraq, but has also destroyed entire Iraq. Iraq collapsed when the US entered Iraq as a prosperous nation in the Middle East. Presumably Iraqi oil would have been equipped with security forces and nuclear bombs had it not been for Saddam Hussein’s tragic death, and Iraq would not have been so devastated.

   As the US succeeded in destroying Iraq as easily as possible, perhaps six years after that, a difficult day for the United States is beginning. The US, which has devastated Afghanistan through Livia and Syria, will not achieve success with Iran. Nuclear weapons and missiles can also be the catalyst for the US war with Les Iran. North Korea has to look at how a country equipped with nuclear weapons and missiles is protected from the US Empire. Had the United States been concerned, North Korea would have been demolished. Donald Trump, who threatened to fly North Korea momentarily, was finally forced to shake hands with North Korea – the awesome nuclear weapons and missiles. This process may also prove to be a catalyst for America’s war with Iran.

   As a result of oil diplomacy, Iran has to face US sanctions. Saudi Arabia’s largest oil producing company, Aramco, with the capacity to meet 5 percent of the world’s petroleum requirements, has been stirred by the Yemeni rebels’ drone attacks. The company, which produces 9 million barrels of crude oil per day after the attacks, has been producing only 1 lakh barrels of crude oil daily. Not only is the impact of the production of about 1 million barrels of crude oil, oil prices are constantly on the rise worldwide. In this context, the United States has received even more incentive to occupy Iran’s oilfields, because on the one hand, oil producing countries like Russia are reducing their production to avoid petrol prices, while countries like Iran and Venezuela can impose US oil on those who need it.

   The US sanctions on Iran mean that it will not allow any country in the world to buy oil from Iran. Such a collapse of the United States will directly affect the politics of the Gulf country and West Asia. While Saudi Arabia and the United States have called Iran sponsored by the Yemeni drone attacks on Saudi oil companies, Iran has not been able to hide the fact that the US created an automatic tension situation in Iran, despite the fact that it had no involvement and protection in regard to the drone attacks. Barack Obama not only negotiated with Iran during his presidency but also brought nuclear talks with Iran to the mainstream of the world. However, after Donald Trump came to power, the former president broke all treaties with Iran, and Ai was on the brink of war. If a war between Iran and the United States had taken place and had a serious impact on regional and global politics, then the only culprit would be Donald Trump.

   Iran’s political turmoil, which began in 1979 and has reached its peak in the early stages of Iran, has suffered the death of its general army chief. After the Iranian military chief Qasim Sulaimani was killed in a US drone strike in Baghdad, the entire global economy and economy have once again had to worry. Iran, which has lost its head of state, has announced a cash prize equal to the Iranian population as a means of retaliating with the United States, and the United States is in a position to abandon Iran at any rate. Remember, Donald Trump is acting foolishly on Iran in defense of the impeachment that is tawdled in the Senate against him and the balance of the upcoming election. The author has recently made it clear in his article about Trump, Syria, and international relations that Trump can create a nationalist image and turn the accusations against him into a man-made style at any time. (ट्रम्प, सिरिया र विश्वसम्बन्ध) Similarly, the turmoil of the US-created Middle East has had the consequences of a global economy. The dangers of war in politics, the dollar in the economy, the volatility in oil and gold prices have seen negative effects on the world economy.

   Since the US intelligence agency’s CIA overthrew power in Iran in 1979, Iran has been targeting internal and external political turmoil and attacks. The point has been that Iran is slipping into a land of uncertainty and uncertainty when the US withdraws its elected Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadik with the intention of capturing Iranian oil. The Iran-US diplomatic relations had also ceased from 1979 to 1979, amidst a deteriorating political balance in Iran. In the capital Tehran, the US attacked Iraq by means of Iraq in exchange for the Iranian embassy fully occupying the US embassy and capturing five US citizens for seven days. The US-sponsored Iraq-Iran invasion lasted for almost two years only sustained instability over Iran-Iraq relations in the Middle East, and in the midst of the ongoing tensions with Iran, the Omaha administration tried to weaken the Iran-US tense relationship with the Iran nuclear deal. Trump’s reversal of Obama’s attempt to oust Iran on a global basis by partially alleviating the US economic blockade of Iran has finally reversed itself.

   The Jews of the Siya community were the subject of tau’s suffering for the United States. Trump wanted to heighten his nationalist image among American citizens by doing some soft operations on Iranian Jews in the wake of the upcoming election. He showed the same formula to Qasim Sulaimani, the powerful commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (also known as the creator of regional security weapons) in Baghdad. Ultimately the result is the Iranian Syrian community again turning against the US. Trump thinks: The more turbulent and unstable Iran is, the more America benefits. As easy as it is to play in a turbulent and unstable Iran, not in a calm and stable Iran. Not only does Trump disrupt Iran-US relations with Obama, Saltown seeks to become a catalyst for not only Trump himself but for the entire United States as well – America’s hostility toward Iran.
There has also been a revolution in Iran since the 1979 coup, Iran’s internal and external political, diplomatic instability. The revolution that brought even more hostility to US-Iran relations has not only reached the level of war in Iran, but some have already begun to imagine the Third World War. Even now, the possibility of a third world war happening right now is beyond imagination. However, the Middle East will now again be strained for some time over the Iranian issue. It’s also a US-sponsored formula.

   The Iranian supreme leader, who was also the founder of the Islamic Revolution Pertica, who emerged from the Iranian Revolution, believed that Ayatollah al-Khomeini was not westernizing his country. He also wanted to rid Iran of its dependence on the United States. Iranian Prime Minister Shah Pahlavi was at the target of Khomeini, the US intelligence agency that ousted the elected Prime Minister of the CIA and established in his own interest. Khomeini led a violent protest across the country, which eventually resulted in Shah leaving Iran as the Iranian prime minister under the cover of a CIA agent. This angered the United States, seeking revenge with Iran. But, despite the Obama administration’s attempt to build a better relationship with Iran, the Trump government’s war-ravaged relations have once again framed Iran-US relations.

   US administrators must be killed, waged war, oppressed, destroyed, or destroyed without being able to win elections! What is this US policy? What is the politics? What are the thoughts and what is Adam? And why is America here, every day, in the name of human rights? Does the human rights rule apply to all of the US and its tail nations or do they? If applicable, why did Bush stumble upon Iraq by targeting the US presidential election that ended in May 3? If America is the humanity to win elections because of war, why should America teach the world the lessons of democracy and human rights and why should we read it? George W. Bush has invaded Iraq in an attempt to win the election, published by Mission Acompiled: The Watertime Elections of the Magazine. It’s now Donald Trump’s turn after Bush. The election for the US president is being held on 2 November Cynical and witty Trump is bloodied Iran for displaying his nationalist image. As far as it sounds, Trump’s formula won’t be a success this time around.

What does decisive Russia do?

   In the midst of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, the author also wrote an article about Putin, Syria, and the world relations (see link at https:पुटिन, सिरिया र विश्वसम्बन्ध Russia, considered to be the balance of the Middle East, plays a decisive role in the current Iran-US relationship. Nevertheless, Russia’s strong support for Iran over the issue of the annexation of the Crimea is sure to stand in the strong support of Iran and seek the definition of power. The United States will not hesitate to attack Iran further due to decisive anger. The support of Saudi Arabia and Israel is not enough for the US, so in the case of Iran, the US must be back. Iran’s compulsion to back the US is also a nuclear weapon to Iran. The nuclear weapons that are protecting North Korea from the US will also protect Iran. Russian security officials have already publicly protested the assassination of the Iranian military commander. Russian President Putin has also come to terms with Iran in connection with Iran. Both individually and as a whole country. Putin, who has been touted as the world’s most powerful man after Ukraine’s annexation of Crimea to Russia, has another chance this time: Iran-US as mediator of tensions. In another sense, the Iran-US as an opportunity to build a wall between the wars. At any rate, the fact that Russia has the responsibility to soothe or even exacerbate Middle East tensions at this time determines Putin’s trial as saying that he will continue or pause Superpower Russia. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov also strongly condemned the US attack, saying that the US-led invasion of Iran by the US clearly violated international principles.

   After the Iraq invasion, Iran will be a hard rock for the mournful US in the Middle East, and it will be a stumbling block to the US. For the United States, Iran will prove to be a rock that the United States will neither be able to repel nor adopt. Would it be in Iran like the US condition in Syria to occupy itself, like Iraq and Afghanistan?

   Unlike the Iraqi invasion of 9, Iran could not be invaded at 2. Trump’s stance will not affect world peace. Yet as much as the United States has endured, it appears to be beneficial to Trump in the upcoming election.


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